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Who is

Jeonard John Veloso Cruz?

Moving to the UK at the age of 8 from the Philippines, and living in 3 different cities, has enabled Jeonard to learn how to adapt to changes. He can speak 2 languages, English and Tagalog. His love of movies, tv, comics, music and video games, has heavily inspired his creative work. Jeonard is a versatile designer who collects extensive research around any given project, to ensure he produces work that is on the mark. Recently he has entered the D&AD New Blood Awards with a brief for RARE, an Xbox game studio in collaboration with 4 other creatives. He project-managed this collaboration, as well as producing graphic design content.
He loves working with traditional and modern design techniques from letterpress and woodblock printing to digital and animation. He tries to combine the two from time to time whether it is for a branding client or a personal project. His aim is to work for a design agency where he can use his versatility effectively, working for different clients and creating solutions to design problems. He loves travelling, experiencing new things and drawing inspiration from them, and is keen to see where graphic design can take him. 
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